Accounting Stationery

 2014-11-28 03:48 PM by
Reasons why your company needs Sage Pastel Stationery:
  1. It’s quick, easy and ready to use; and you can get your business up and running immediately!
  2. It’s the only official pre-printed stationery that has been specifically designed to match Sage Pastel Accounting layouts.
  3. It’s smart and professional.
  4. Sage Pastel stationery is cost-effective; we buy bulk and pass the savings onto you.
  5. Enjoy the convenience of ordering ready to use stationery when you need it.
Pricing incl VAT

2 Part Continuous Invoices (1,000 per box): R 485
3 Part Continuous Invoices (1,000 per box): R 725
4 Part Continuous Invoices (500 per box): R505
2 Part Continuous Statements (1,000 per box): R480
Laser Invoices (1,000 per box): R480
Laser Statements (1,000 per box): R480