Cyber Security

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is a complete product capable of protecting, managing and remotely supporting all devices on your IT network, including smartphones and tablets. Available anytime, anywhere through a simple Web browser.


Maximum protection against malware thanks to Collective Intelligence and anti-exploit technologies against unknown threats.


Reduce costs through optimization of your IT infrastructure, automation of management tasks and centralized control.


Proactive problem resolution and remote, non-disruptive access to their devices, wherever they are.



100% cloud-based solution

  • Protects, manages and supports all devices -anytime, from anywhere- including those in remote offices and laptops.
  • No need for additional infrastructure at customer site.
  • Simple, central management via a simple Web browser.
  • Reduced resource usage: Extremely light agent and reduced bandwidth usage when deploying software and automatically updating the protection.
  • Encrypted cloud communication and secure service with the following certifications: ISO 27001, SAS 70, PCI DSS and FISMA.


Anti-malware security and protection

  • Complete anti-malware protection for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X endpoint systems, including servers and laptops.
  • Maximum protection with real-time access to Collective Intelligence.
  • Heuristic and anti-exploit technologies against new threats that take advantage of unknown vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks.
  • Advanced tools for rootkit and rogueware detection Firewall (personal or managed).
  • Antivirus and anti-spam support for Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Device control (USB data storage devices, DVD/CDs, modems, Bluetooth devices, etc.).
  • Centralized quarantine management
  • Category-based Web filtering and monitoring.
  • Remote wipe and password protection against data theft on lost or stolen smartphones and tablets


Real-time device inventory and monitoring

  • Visibility and control of all devices on the network, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Control and monitoring of CPU usage, memory, disk space, services, software, etc.
  • Performance graphs and on-screen warnings.
  • Software and hardware change logs.
  • License management.


Software and updates deployment (Patch management)

  • Discovery of unpatched devices and centralized, automatic patching of operating systems.
  • Centralized software installation.


Remote, automated support

  • Non-disruptive access: Remote event logs, command line, task manager, file transfer, registry editor.
  • Remote desktop access: Shared access or complete control.
  • Messaging system for direct communication between users and the IT Department.
  • Ticketing system to organize and classify incidents, share troubleshooting procedures and documentation, etc.
  • Script creation for automatic troubleshooting.
  • Quick task creation.
  • Scalable platform, ability to integrate free components.

Panda Cloud Cloud Fusion datasheet

Panda Cloud Cloud Fusion feature matrix