Get the best antivirus for only R21/user per month

 2019-11-06 11:31 AM by

We can supply you with a powerful antivirus for as little as R21/user per month.

We highly recommend that you switch your antivirus to Panda Security. It is 100% compatable with Sage products.

We can install a free 2 week trial for you if you would like to go ahead.

See the various options below.

  • Panda endpoint protection - basic antivirus for R21/user per month
  • Panda endpoint protection plus - basic antivirus with url filtering, web browsing monitoring and antispam - R31/user per month
  • Panda adaptive defence - Firewall and cryptoware protection. Recommended if you want to keep an exising antivirus - R55/user per month
  • Panda adaptive defence 360 - comprehensive protection including firewall and cryptoware protection - R69.50/user per month
  • Panda adaptive defence 360 + reporting - comprehensive protection with advanced reporting for detailed analysis - R85/user per month
Add Ons
  • Panda Patch Management - manage computer updates - R25/user per month (recommended)
  • Panda Systems Management - monitor and manage all the system's IT devices - R37.50/user per month
  • Panda Full Encryption - encrypts hard drives to protect information from theft - R16/user per month
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Please contact us if you would like us to install a 2 week trial version of any of these products on your network.

Give it a try - you'll be surprised how many hidden programs and processes are wasting your computer's resources and how much malware your existing antivirus hasn't picked up!


We are a Panda Security partner with the following certifications:

  • Endpoint Protection Technical
  • Endpoint Protection (Plus) Technical
  • Aether Platform Technical (AD360)
  • Panda Patch Management Technical
  • Panda Full Encryption Technical
  • Systems Management Technical