Move your existing Sage Pastel accounting or payroll system and/or server to the cloud

 2019-08-07 10:51 AM by

If you aren't using a cloud server already, we can help you migrate your server data along with your existing Sage Pastel Accounting & Payroll systems to the cloud using IronTree's specialised virtual private server hosting.

This can be done if you are using Pastel Xpress, Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, Sage 50 or Pastel Payroll.

With the rise in high-speed internet, many companies are taking advantage of cloud products. Advantages of the cloud are:
  1. Access your data from anywhere
  2. Safety and security
  3. Ease of updates
  4. Reliable processing speeds
  5. Faster & simpler support
  6. Mitigate against loadshedding
  7. No need to upgrade physical IT infrastructure
  8. Ensures the physical security of your server
  9. Easier for consultants to log in and assist
  10. Backups and data security are easy to manage.
IronTree’s specialised virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a unique service in South Africa, aimed at organisations using accounting or financial services and wanting to move them to a private cloud-hosting service. IronTree has been backing up the accounting and financial systems of thousands of South African organisations since 2008.

There’s now no reason why an organisation can’t host desktop applications on a virtual private server. This provides an organisation with the best of both worlds: the ability to continue using highly featured accounting systems combined with hosting them in a secure, private cloud infrastructure..
Cloud Backups

We recommend that your Pastel server ha
IronTree installed to keep your data safe. You should always have an off-site backup, whether or not your server is in the cloud. Data on cloud servers can also be deleted or become corrupt / infected.
Cloud Security

We recommend that you have Panda Security installed on both your local and cloud computers to protect your data against hackers and viruses. Panda is an advanced cloud anti-virus and firewall system which is recommended by IronTree.
Please contact us if you would like us to help you with any of these cloud solutions.