Panda Cloud Office Protection

 2015-03-01 02:16 PM by
We recommend Panda Antivirus & Firewall to protect your computers, server and Pastel software.

Panda Cloud Security is an Antivirus and Firewall which is easy to install and manage and requires no new infrastructure.

PANDA CLOUD OFFICE PROTECTION is extremely light as all operations take place in the cloud. It therefore requires no client infrastructure, minimizing the required investment.

PANDA CLOUD OFFICE PROTECTION offers immediate and effective protection against known and unknown threats, thanks to the real-time connectivity with Collective Intelligence.

PANDA CLOUD OFFICE PROTECTION is incredibly simple to use. The straightforward Web console has all the information you need to secure and manage your PCs, servers, laptops and Exchange servers in a few clicks.

PANDA CLOUD OFFICE PROTECTION is now available on a monthly subscription basis – affordable low price of R35 per month per device, no long term contract. It’s easy to add and remove PC’s Servers and Laptops as required with no worries about long subscription periods!


Minimizes maintenance costs and recourse consumption
  • Works well with Pastel software
  • Full antivirus & firewall
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Robust protection for endpoints and inbound / outbound mail
  • Maximizes security control
  • Remote control tool integration