REMINDER - Upgrade Pastel Now To Get A Good Deal

 2015-09-03 01:31 PM by
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Upgrade now to get a good deal.

Pastel only support the last 3 versions. Last year Pastel Version 14 was launched, but Pastel Version 10 has still been supported.

As from 1 October, Version 10 (your version) will be considered "end of life". This means that instead of upgrading your software, which you can do now, you'll have to buy a whole new package.

Upgrading to the latest Pastel version is usually about half the price of buying it new - so upgrade now (by 1 October) before it's too late.

5 Benefits of Upgrading
  1. Get all the new features of the latest version
  2. Version 14 has a lot less bugs and errors
  3. Get free email support from Pastel
  4. Get free phone support from Pastel
  5. Get the latest updates and upgrades