Sage, Excel & Bookkeeping Self-Study Courses

 2019-10-31 11:52 AM by

We have had a lot of interest in the Sage, Excel & Bookkeeping self-study courses. We have listed our most popular self-study courses below.

Microsoft Excel

Discoverying Excel - R1,622
Excel on Steroids - R3,243
Data Analysis & Dashboards - R1,622
PowerPivot & PowerView - R426


Bookkeeping Fundamentals - R1,464

Sage Pastel Partner / Xpress

Basic Processing - R1,702
Cash Book Processing - R864
Customer Processing - R864
Supplier Processing - R864
Pastel Add On Modules (POS, fixed assets, etc) - R426 each

Sage Pastel Payroll

Introduction to Payroll Administration & Legislation - R1,622
Principles of payroll tax - R1,622
Sage Pastel Payroll Pro - R1,622
Sage Pastel Payroll Tools - R1,622

Sage VIP Payroll

Introduction to Payroll Administration & Legislation - R1,622
Basic payroll - R1,622
Payroll Pro - R1,622
Principles of Payroll Tax - R1,622
Tax year end - R1,622
August PAYE submission - R1,505
Add On Modules - R1,622 each

Sage Intelligence

Beginner - R1,622
Intermediate - R1,622
Advanced - R1,622
Pastel Financial Report Design - R610

Sage Business Cloud Accounting & Payroll

Accounting Practitioner - R1,725
Payroll Processing (practical) - R700
Payroll Principles (theory) - R7,590

If you would prefer us to quote you on an on-site course, or a course at the Sage learning centres, please let us know.

We are a Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centre and all of our licences are up-to-date.