Update to the latest Sage product version

 2020-06-07 03:23 PM by

It's important that you keep your Sage software updated to ensure that you've got the latest features and bug fixes.

To check the version of your  product, go to Help, About.
 The latest versions of the products are:

Xpress & Partner: Version 19.3.1
Pastel Payroll: 2021 Update 1c
Sage VIP: Update 5.4c
Pervasive: Version 13


Latest Features & Fixes - Sage Pastel Xpress & Partner Version 19.3.1

  • Pervasive 13: Changes to the Pastel record locking engine were introduced.
  • Format of the company reg. number has been amended to comply with CIPC.
  • Two users will now be able to link a GRN to a supplier invoice successfully. 
  • Two users will be able to update an inventory journal & manufacture at once.
  • When opening the BOM screen it will now default to the Manufacture tab.
  • Projects groups now display correctly when zooming via the Groups option.
  • When restoring a backup the latest backup will be displayed first.
  • The Explorer will no longer open over another screen.
  • Runtime error 9 will no longer be received when moving to the next document.
  • ‘Hide cashbook balance’ user security setting will now hide the balance.
  • Runtime error 9 will no longer be received when printing Open Item History.
  • The User Guide will now open with no error message.

Latest Features & Fixes - Sage Pastel Partner Payroll 2021 Update 1c

  • You can now use the ETI utility to change ETI values for April.
  • A new transaction for Donations towards the Solidarity fund
  • A new transaction for Covid-19 Relief Fund Payments
  • Back dating ETI is now possible
  • SDL Payment Holiday functionality introducted

Latest Features & Fixes - Sage VIP Update 5.4c

  • RSA: Skills Development Levy (SDL) Payment Holiday
  • RSA: Covid-19 Relief Measures (ETI changes)
  • Africa tax and report changes.

Latest Features & Fixes - Pervasive Version 13

  • Pastel tables update faster and more reliably.
  • File structure less prone to corruption than previous versions

Your Pastel annual licence fee includes upgrades to the latest Pastel versions. Although the software is free, we will charge for time to upgrade your version. There is a minimal charge to upgrade the Pervasive version.

Let us know if you would like to book a time for us to upgrade your software to the latest version or if you would like a quote. We can do the upgrade for you remotely using TeamViewer, AnyDesk or UltraViewer.