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 2021-02-11 04:59 PM by

My goal, as your systems consultant, is to ensure that you’re able to access a holistic and end-to-end set of solutions for your business.
A key element of this is…B-BBEE. I know: B-BBEE is a battle for many.

And that’s why I believe strongly in BEE123, which has a software system that’s helped literally hundreds of South African companies to proactively manage their company’s BEE throughout the year.

It’s put HR managers in control of their BEE journey.
And it’s given Finance Managers comprehensive BEE management and full compliance, with drastically reduced costs.
Everyone gets
what they need.
I’ve seen the team at BEE123 use optimisation and intelligence to significantly lower costs and improve systems, so that clients like you get better BEE results.
(Plus there’s their complete range of software, tools, directories, information, training interventions, advisory services, and skills, ESD and ownership solutions.)
But the first step is witnessing this impressive system in action. 
Please click here right now to secure a demo. You’ll be sorry if you miss out.

Got any questions? I’m happy to hear them.