Get POPIA compliant with our unique software

Ensure that your business is POPI compliant with our unique POPI software

Our POPI software will assist you in your compliance journey. We also offer comprehensive training for employees.

Why should I care?

  1. - Organisations will be held legally accountable for compliance with the POPI act, meaning your company can face financial penalties for non-compliance.
  2. - Large organisations will drive compliance onto smaller organisations.
  3. - Early compliance adopters will have an edge over their competition.

Product Features:

  • * Collaborate in teams
  • * Demonstrate compliance
  • * Manage subject access requests and
  • * Manage compliance tasks

Package Costs:

  • * 0-9 employees - R648 per month OR R2,495 per year
  • * 10-50 employees - R1,728 per month or R19,200 per year
  • * 51-200 employees - R3,240 per month or R36,000 per year
  • * 201-280 employees - R5,040 per month or R56,000 per year
  • * 250+ employees - R8,640 per month or R96,000 per year

POPIA employee awareness training course

  • - 1.5-hour certificate course to complete at your own pace
  • - Includes video and assessments
  • - Developed using advanced psycholinguistics and illustrative graphics that help engagement and recall
  • - 5-star rating for delivery, audio and video quality
  • - Course content can be reviewed for 12 months

Let us know if you would like to book a time for a software demo or if you would like a quote or send you more information.