Netcash – Debit Order Collections
Debit Orders are a method of collecting money from a bank account with the express permission of the account holder. They are most commonly used to collect monthly subscriptions, premiums or repayments. Netcash offers a complete Debit Order Collection system, enabling you to collect recurring payments from your customers without the hassle or time-consuming admin.
Flexible Collection Service
We offer a variety of services to suit your collection needs, including recurring and once-off debit orders as well as Same-day or Two-day services.

Get Paid Sooner
Enhance your cash flow by receiving up to 90% of your collection value paid on the day the debits are processed.

Comprehensive Collection Facilities
Our debit order collection service enables collections from cheque, savings and credit card accounts.

Electronic Mandates
Our electronic mandate solutions ensure that you obtain your clients authority to debit in a compliant, secure and convenient manner.

Extensive Reporting
Reconcile and analyse your debit order collections using our extensive reporting and comprehensive statement.

More Options to Recover Your Debit Order Unpaids
Offer multiple payment options for unpaid debit orders with an SMS or email payment link sent directly from your Netcash account.
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